ReCycle 50 Riders


On Saturday, May 19th, nine ambitious friends of Habitat will mount their bicycles and embark on a 50 mile journey to help eliminate poverty housing in Muskegon County through the Habitat program.  By pledging for one of these riders, you can join his/her team and make the dream of homeownership a reality for local low income families.

Meet our riders, below, and pledge your support for the rider of your choice! 

** A donor has pledged to match each pledge for up to a total of $3,000!  So pledge today and double your support! 


Pat Burke

Pat is 43 and lives in Muskegon.  He has been riding distances for one year and jumped at the chance to challenge himself by riding the ReCycle 50. His longest ride to date has been 45 miles. All he needs now is your pledge on his behalf! 

Make a pledge for Pat!


 Dick Butler

Dick has a passion for Habitat’s mission to partner with low income families to provide safe, decent and affordable homes.  He served as the Executive Director for Muskegon Habitat for Humanity for one year in 2008-2009.  He has also served on the Board of Directors and as an employee of Kent County Habitat for Humanity.  He is currently an attorney in Grand Rapids, working primarily with public libraries throughout Michigan (including Hackley Public Library and Muskegon Area District Library).  In recent years, Dick has become an avid bicyclist and spends many hours on the Musketawa Trail.  He loves baseball and enjoys reading about baseball history and old ballparks.  Last summer, he and his wife went on a road trip to minor league baseball games in Iowa and a Tigers game in Kansas City.  He and his wife have two adult children.  He has been riding distances for two years and has made 50 mile treks before.  He is 57 years old and hopes that many will make pledges to support an “old man” riding the Trail for Muskegon Habitat!   Make a pledge for Dick!


  Rhonda Gaines

Rhonda is a 35-year-old mom from Muskegon. She works at First General Credit Union and enjoys working at Habitat construction sites with her co-workers every year.  She just started riding bikes last May and  until training for the ReCycle 50, her longest ride was 30 miles.  She credits bike riding with helping her to lose 70 pounds and with the 20 more she plans to lose.  She likes cooking healthy food and LOVES power tools, which she has proven on Habitat construction sites. Rhonda reports that she would love to earn $1,000,000 in pledges for Habitat! That may seem like an unrealistic dream, but, hey, she's a determined woman and with YOUR help, she just might do it!   Make a pledge for Rhonda!


 Anthony Gomez

Anthony, 40, has been mountain biking for several years, mostly on the Owasippe Trail in Montague, but also in places like Northern Michigan, Idaho, and Nevada.  This will be his first long-distance ‘street bike’ event.  He and his wife Holli are natives of Whitehall but have lived in Muskegon for many years now.  Their two sons, ages 20 and 15, are both Muskegon Big Reds.  Besides riding both of his bikes (his ‘other bike’ is a Harley), Anthony also enjoys fishing, camping, and snowboarding when not working at Eagle Alloy.  He feels blessed to have recently moved into a new home with his family and is happy to support Habitat’s mission to provide affordable homeownership for all Muskegon County families!  He hopes that Harley riders and home owners will pledge for him! Make a pledge for Anthony! 

 Mat Moore

Mat is a 41-year-old kid.  He is a Muskegon ReStore employee, an artist, and is active with area theater. He has been riding distances for 8 years and regularly rides at least 30 miles. He will be riding an old bike up-cycled to him by Clif, the ReStore Manager.  He likes coffee and garlic and old power tools and bicycles and books . . . but he LOVES his wife!  A pledge for Mat is like a pledge for the boy next door... AND his wife! Make a pledge for Mat!

 Cheryl Owen

Having always been a sports enthusiast (running, volleyball, softball, aerobics instructor and competitive equestrian), Cheryl felt the need to challenge herself and replaced her horse with a bike two summers ago.  Now she is focused on racking up some miles and possibly competing.  During her “quiet” times she is an instructor at the Career Line Tech Center.  She very much enjoys being outdoors during the summer and also enjoys philanthropy, hence her participation in this challenge.  Cheryl, who lives in Fruitport, hopes that all the teachers and outdoor enthusiasts out there will pledge for her!  Make a pledge for Cheryl!

Rick Pulaski

Rick, who is 39-years-old and lives in Hudsonville, was coerced into riding the ReCycle 50 by his little sister, Rhonda Gaines.  He has been riding distances for five years and completed a 60 mile ride last September.  He’s hoping that all the big brothers and little sisters out there will pledge for him! Make a pledge for Rick! 


Margaret Visser

Margaret, who lives in Muskegon,  has been riding distances for 15 years and is very excited to participate in the ReCycle 50 this year!  In 2009 she completed a 102 mile trek and has ridden for other organizations in the past including M.A.D.D. and other local and national non-profit organizations. She hopes that lots of people will support her efforts to help Habitat by pledging for her and sends her thanks to all who do! Make a pledge for Margaret!

   Ryan Wibalda

Ryan was born and raised in Muskegon.  He and his wife currently have four children and will have welcomed their fifth by the time of the ReCycle 50.  After working in manufacturing for 16 years, Ryan went back to school to pursue a more stable career.  For the last three years he has been employed by the Mercy Rehab Center and really enjoys his new profession.  In his free time, Ryan loves cycling and has pedaled thousands of miles in the last 10+ years.  He has recently upgraded to road bikes and looks forward to ramping up his outdoor rides in the coming months.  He says that his favorite time to ride is Saturday morning when the sun is just coming up and most of the world is still in bed.  He hopes that all of the area early birds and health professionals will support his efforts to end poverty housing in Muskegon by pledging for him! Make a pledge for Ryan! 

To Pledge for your favorite rider:
  • Download a Pledge Form, fill it out and mail it to:
    Muskegon County Habitat for Humanity, 280 Ottawa Street, Muskegon, MI 49442
  • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   online now!
  • Call your pledge to the Habitat office at (231)727-6020